Brightway2 life cycle assessment framework#

Brightway publication in JOSS

Brightway2 is a open source framework for life cycle assessment (LCA). It is designed to be easy to use, while still being powerful. Brightway2 doesn’t try to replace software like SimaPro or OpenLCA, but instead offers possibilities to those who need to go break the limits of conventional LCA. Brightway2 is especially attractive for researchers, especially when used with Jupyter notebooks. The core principles of Brightway2 are simplicity, innovation, and power.

Who is Brightway2 for?#

Brightway2 is for people who want more than is possible with current LCA or sustainability software. Researchers and academics are particularly suitable, because the power that Brightway2 brings is worth the cost of learning a new software and possibly a new language.

Brightway2 is not for people that want to do the same old LCA studies, just with a different software. If OpenLCA works for you now, stick with it. One particular weakness of Brightway2 is routine data entry, although there is an active project trying to make this better.

Basically, Brightway2 is for you if your project lies at the intersection of LCA and your imagination.

Understanding the manual#

As this manual covers a lot of material, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially at first. The manual is designed to help you get started in the following order:

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